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Tile Removal and Restoration of the Terrazzo

One of the flooring options that was used to "cover up" Terrazzo flooring in the 60's and 70's was installation of tile flooring. After years of high traffic; cracking, chipping and dullness can appear and people need a different or replacement flooring eventually. When tile is removed and Terrazzo flooring if found, how lucky for that homeowner! This is a beautiful durable floor when restored and polished. The home owner may look at it and think they have to reinstall tile (which can cost up to $25.00 to $40.00 per square foot) or other flooring just as expensive, because the Terrazzo that they find looks so bad! The mortar and grout that was used to lay the tile will really make the valuable historical floor underneath appear unable to be restored. This is far from true. The highly trained technicians at Colonial Floor Care can and have been restoring Terrazzo flooring after removing old and crack tile floor since 1986 with many satisfied customers. Using heavy grinding machine to grind the top layer of the Terrazzo bringing it to a fresh surface to seal and polish to to a high shine. Most of these floors are from the 40's and 50's may have some imperfections. However that is considered character in anything from Flooring to furniture. When we are done you will have a piece of restored history.

Using these one or all of the services we offer along with the foreclosure rate being like it is today, many of these homes can regain value by removing out dated tile and restoring the Terrazzo flooring underneath. Many people are buying the homes for investment, and to gain the best profit for their money, restoring a hidden Terrazzo floor under tile will be less expensive, will increase the value and bring historical benefit to that property. Before you decide to once again cover up a jewel of historical beauty which is also environmentally safe, call Colonial Floor Care to discuss your individual options. Serving Miami/Dade county, Broward County and Palm Beach county.

Tile Removal Fort Lauderdale

For More Details Call us : 954-828-0217 : 561-288-1749 : 305-428-2781

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