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The Significance of Hiring Terrazzo Restoration Experts

There are many companies offering Terrazzo installation, cleaning and restoration services. However, Terrazzo restoration is a job you do not assign to people without adequate knowledge about Terrazzo floors. The company you ought to hire must be knowledgeable about the materials, designs, colors, equipment and the ideal method of installing tiles that you won’t even notice the changes being made. Only a few companies that have all the aforementioned qualities and one of them are Terrazzo restoration.


Terrazzo floors are seen quite frequently in Florida homes constructed from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. They are actually older than that. They originated in Venice during the 15th century when mosaic workers used the smooth stones left from their jobs to pave areas surrounding terraces. Later on, these were used for backyards and courtyards as well.

Nowadays, Terrazzo style is in great demand for the construction of residential and commercial buildings. It is used in all parts of buildings such as bedrooms, drawing rooms, halls, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Terrazzo are preferred by many households

There are unique features in Terrazzo that many people like. Despite that there are countless construction materials available these days, but compared to Terrazzo, none of them could be as beautiful and durable like this. In fact, many homeowners preferred Terrazzo floors than expensive rugs. For them, the floor does not need anything else to enhance its appearance or to protect it from wear and tear.

Unlike other floorings differently constructed, a Terrazzo floor has no serious problems with molds or mildew. This means you will not need solutions that might contain harmful chemicals to clean it. All you have to do is to soak a clean rag with water and use it to wipe dust and grime off the floor, and you can expect it to retain its natural form and beauty for decades.

Terrazzo Restoration Services

Yet, it is also a fact that home cleaning solutions or DIY jobs are still insufficient. This is true especially when you need adequate Terrazzo restoration.

Why there is a need for restoration?

While Terrazzo materials and construction are tough, the time will come when Terrazzo floors have to be restored. Heavy foot traffic and heavy objects like furniture dragged across the floor can dislodge tiles, create cracks, and discolor the materials. Indeed, tile discoloration can be caused by inappropriate cleaning methods.

The thing is, you cannot afford to neglect floors with loosened tiles or cracks. Every succeeding day that you walk on them, the damage gets worse with more tiles getting dislodged and cracks getting bigger. So, if you initially see the damages, why not hire a professional Terrazzo cleaner and restorer?

Who to engage for Terrazzo Restoration work?

There is no better idea than calling the best restorers available in your area. We have been in the business for installing, cleaning, polishing and restoring Terrazzo floors since 1986. You can contact us and we would be more than willing to help you. For more information about our services call us.

For More Details Call us : 954-828-0217 : 561-288-1749 : 305-428-2781

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