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Miami Nice Floors can attribute its recent success to the clever mixture of cutting edge terrazzo floor materials, and old world craftsmanship. For example, MNF worked closely with its epoxy terrazzo supplier to develop and test a new sound proofing product to apply in high rise condos. The product had to surpass the sound deadening qualities outline by the condo board, while providing better bonding characteristics. The success of this product makes it possible for the first time to apply a seamless monolithic terrazzo floor in a high rise condo with minimal sound transference to the condo below.

Another setting where these newer products are highly recommended is with use of terrazzo in an outdoor setting next to sea water.

The salt tends to break down materials faster then they would normally in more inland areas. The use of polymer modified cement was needed to counteract aging due to the salt water, which in turn helps from sun damage as well, to clad a 90 foot dock in terrazzo.

Along with using these new materials, Giancarlo Sardone, Miami Nice Floors owner/operator, had to pull knowledge from several different trades to complete the work. The specs called for stainless steel strips to help against tarnish and rust from the salt. Hundreds of feet of strip had to be welded together. The dock transitioned seamlessly to a 4 foot wall and 2 staircases. Installing vertical terrazzo is not for the faint of heart, and a special advisor had to be flown in from across the country to ensure proper application.

For More Details Call us : 954-828-0217 : 561-288-1749 : 305-428-2781

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