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DIY Terrazzo Cleaning Guidelines

You often see Terrazzo floors in airports and office buildings, parks and homes. They are beautiful floors made up of pieces of various materials – granite, marble, quarts, and glass – held firmly together by resin or cement. Sometimes Terrazzo is used for walls or murals. Terrazzo floors are fast becoming a favorite among homeowners not only for their beauty, but also for durability. It does not take a lot of time and money to maintain Terrazzo flooring, but you have to know the basics of Terrazzo cleaning.

DIY cleaning agent to use

Like other floors, Terrazzo floors must be swept every day. In sweeping, use a broom with soft bristles to prevent scratches made on the surface of the floor. When you sweep daily, the frequency of cleaning and polishing and the amount of work involved in these activities are considerably reduced.

Terrazzo floors are prone to getting scratched and discolored when you use solutions that contain harsh chemicals for cleaning them. The Association of Terrazzo and Mosaic manufacturers recommend Terrazzo cleaning materials with neutral pH level which is over 7 but below 10. You will not have a hard time finding neutral cleaners since these cleaners generally display pH levels in their labels. You can also ask the staff of the company who installed your Terrazzo floors. They surely know what would be the ideal cleaning solutions for your flooring.

DIY Cleaning Methods

To make an acceptable cleaning solution, mix the pH neutral cleaner with cold water in a bucket. You should follow the instructions of the manufacturer concerning the ratio between the cleaning product and water. The appropriate ratios will make the solution more effective.

Before cleaning, initially sweep the floor to remove dust. Then, plunge the mop into the bucket containing the solution to wet the mop along with the cleaning solution. Wring the mop lightly and proceed by mopping the surface of the floor. 

Terrazzo cleaning

After you have covered the entire Terrazzo, wait for a few minutes before drying the floor with a clean rag since it usually takes a few minutes for the solution to take effect.

DIY Polishing

Polishing is part of Terrazzo cleaning in as much as your floor can’t really be that clean until you have polished it. You do not actually need to use special materials to polish your floor. After cleaning, residues of the cleaning agent will be left on it and it would be enough to make the natural gloss of your floor to come out. By running a brush back and forth over the floor, you should be able to make it shine.
Expert Cleaners is still the best Option

On the other hand, cleaning this type of floor couldn’t be mastered overnight; in addition to the tedious effort this would entail. So we are here to help you. Our company has been around since 1986 and in fact we are experts not only in cleaning but also in Terrazzo polishing, repair and restoration jobs as well. You can contact us 954-828-0217.

For More Details Call us : 954-828-0217 : 561-288-1749 : 305-428-2781

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