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What is Terrazzo and why is it so valued?

Terrazzo has been used for centuries. Terrazzo origins are not completely known before the middle ages, when the process was invented by Venetian marble workers in the 15th century as a low cost flooring material. The workers would use left over Marble chips from upscale jobs, and then place them into clay on the patios around the living quarters. These chips could be large or small; anything that was left over was not wasted but used to create these beautiful surfaces. Goat’s milk was used as the "sealer" to preserve the wet and marble like look of this moderate flooring. Today these marble chips which are small in size, are place in a mixture of cement (usually Portland due to its fine grain) or even with other natural stone. Shells have also been with the chips to design a multi-colored and multi-textured floor surface. Archeology has found Terrazzo as early Neolithic buildings as far back as 8,000 BC in eastern Turkey. The process was different at that time; however what is known is that this durable, beautiful surface was found when excavating Pompeii still intact.

In the Mid Modern architecture design years during the 1930 to the 1960's, especially in Southern Florida as well as other part of the country, this flooring was used as a design element by the architects of the day. Using natural material, such as stone was considered to be the flooring of the day. Unknowingly good for the environment, these floors because of there ability to withstand moisture and high traffic were a great choice for Southern Florida homes. The great Terrazzo “cover up” in the 1970's when carpeting and other flooring materials became popular and affordable, these historical floors were covered and forgotten. Now with the resurgence of these beautiful floors that have been uncovered and obviously need restoring, Colonial Floor Care has been grinding and polishing Terrazzo back to its original beauty; therefore bringing back Terrazzo's original plan for use in the Southern Mid Modern home.

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